26 Jan

As an English speaker, Eagle 810 was the only radio station I bothered with. The broadcast range is quite wide and I’ve managed to pick it up the signal in the car from quite far away. This is the radio broadcast for the US Armed Forces. When I lived and worked in Japan the kitchen and car radios were set on this station. It would appear to be staffed entirely of military personnel. Their format was great and quite interesting. The morning show used to play 70’s or 80’s – and was known as the Retro Cafe. The hourly news and weather broadcasts were vital for me, and I enjoyed the shows which were aired from America – especially NPR and Paul Harvey. You have to remember that the station is geared towards military personnel and not Joe Citizen from Chicago who lives in Yokohama and is teaching English. So do not get all up tight with the past stories of heroism and bravery which are often told, or the fact that many of them are oblivious to what is happening ‘outside the gate’ – that’s just how it is. You can tune in, funnily enough – at 810 on the AM dial.


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    […] Feb I’ve blogged about Eagle 810 before, but wish to do a further post. They play cool classic rock which I really dig. Ozzy, Kiss, […]

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