10 Feb
A staple of the japanese diet is gyoza – those tasty, meat filled pastries which are often served as an entrée, a side dish, or as a meal themselves with rice. These are similar to Chinese dumplings or boiled dumplings. However I believe that the main difference is that in Japan, the bases of the dumplings are fried in oil first, which is a slighty different method to how the Chinese cook them. I usually eat them before a bowl of Ramen, and on a cold winter’s day, it’s the best combination I can think of. They are relatively inexpensive and are best eaten dunked in a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar. If you wish to attempt to cook them at home, you should be able to purchase the ingredients at your local Asian grocery store. Be sure to add gyoza to your list of foods to try when you visit Japan ! I quite enjoy the gyoza and ramen served at Ichibantei – a Ramen chain restaurant found in many locations throughout the country. Itadakimasu !

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