World of Coca Cola

12 Feb
Firstly, I should state that this World of Coca-Cola store in Odaiba, Tokyo closed its doors in January of 2007 after opening in 2001. I was lucky enought to visit there and what follows are my memories of my visit there a couple of years back. The store was located in the Odaiba City complex where you can easily spend a whole day sightseeing – if you see the amazing looking NHK buildiing, you know you’re in the right place. Be sure to check out the amazing Statue of Liberty Replica which overlooks Tokyo Bay and The Rainbow Bridge – for a moment you’d swear you’re in The Big Apple (I will post something about the statue and the Odaiba area down the track). The museum was a unique place to visit, even if you were not a coke addict. A for Awesome and F for Fun. It was flashy and modern – as you’d expect in Japan, with all kinds of neat stuff on display. Old coke paraphanalia, TV commercials, vintage cans and bottles, vending machines and a great display of yoyo’s which brought back images’s of my own late 70’s yoyo fixation. (I’d forgotten that the Coca Cola yoyo team actually visited and perfomed their magic at my school way back when which left me truly amazed). They even had a shiny red Coca Cola bicycle on display ! There was so much to see within the museum – entry was free which was a bonus. You can’t visit and not endulge in the black fizzy stuff, and there was a 50’s style counter serving ice cold cola – shut your eyes and imagine you are sitting with Potsie and Ralph Malph in your letterman jacket – as Fonzie hits the flippers on the nearby pinball machine. Aaayyy. I believe that the Coca-Cola store at Haneda International Airport has also closed so if you’re the kind of coke fiend who enjoys this kinda thing – it would appear that the coca cola museums in Las Vegas or Atlanta are your next bet. For further info read the wikipedia entry or click here

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