Kara age

20 Feb
I am writing here about what is possibly my favorite Japanese food – and naming it as my first choice is by no means an easy decision. It just pipped gyudon and sashimi into the number one slot, which was quite a feat believe me. Gyudon was the first Japanese food I got hooked on – and I would eat a lot of meals at Yoshinoya – but I will write about the great Yoshinoya experience at another time. I’ve heard Kara age referred simply as ‘Japanese fried chicken’, but to easily dismiss it with that label is doing the dish a great injustice. When you buy Kara age you don’t get wings or legs – and sure it is fried – but it’s the preparation and the way it’s cooked which makes it so tasty. Good Kara age is marinated for some time, and then fried twice to ensure crispiness. On a cold winter’s night, this dish – served with boiled rice, diced cabbage and topped with kewpie mayonnaise – is the best meal I can imagine. Some nights after work I used to stop off at my local Hokka Hokka Bento shop and the lady who did all the cooking would cook me up a mean Kara age bento, and besides the rice and diced cabbage, it would also contain sliced pickle. So forget about sushi, sashimi or any other meal when you first arrive in Japan – be sure to order Kara age. Oishi desu ne (tasty isn’t it).

2 Responses to “Kara age”

  1. Michael Beyer 2010/11/14 at 8:35 pm #

    I posted a delicious recipe for gyudon:
    Give it a try sometime!

    • japanavision 2011/01/21 at 2:35 pm #

      Domo. Looks great. Will definitely try out your gyudon recipe !

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