Kids Playgrounds

20 Feb
Some of the playgrounds and parks in Japan are a kid’s paradise. Swings, tunnels, learning activities, ropes to climb etc and my favorite – the big slides they build. They are in theory similar to the old ‘rolling pipe’ system used in factories which was how boxes were moved from one location to the other; and this simple concept is how these slides operate. You just sit down at the top and your body weight moves you along the slide – there is metal framework on either side so you don’t fall out. These are a ton of fun ! Unlike other countries, playgrounds and parks in Japan are seldom vandalized so we offer another thumbs up for that! Some of the parks in Japan have lakes filled with fish – usually giant carp of all colors – and you can often purchase fish food to feed them. The parks are well maintained and some contain flower beds which are a delight to see when in bloom. So be sure to look out for this unique slide next time you take your kids to a park in Japan.

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