Oasis – Makomanai Ice Arena – Sapporo – 22/3/09

30 Mar

What’s an Oasis show review doing in Japanavision ? Firstly, the concert was held at Sapporo’s Makomanao Ice Hockey Arena (scene of the closing ceremony for the 1972 winter olympics) and secondly, if this former rock journo wants to include a gig review he will – it is my blog ! Getting to the venue was a hoot – damn simple too. From JR Sapporo station, you exit and locate the subway station entrance. Like many stations in Japan, all stations are handily numbered. A 500 yen return ticket to Makomani Eki was the cheapest option. When I arrived at Makomanai, there was an employee holding a sign for what I’d dub the ‘Oasis bus’, which takes you straight to the venue (hop onto the bus via the middle doors and when exiting, deposit 200 yen in a machine adjacent the driver. It’s a five minuite walk from the bus stop (just follow the hordes). Wth the stunning snow covered mountains close by, this has to be one of the most picturesque concert venues I’ve visited. Choosing to sit out the opening band, I braved the smoky food area to grab a beer (Sapporo, what else). As is the case with all shows in Japan, show time is early, around 6:45 PM and the boys kick off with ‘Rock n Roll Star’. Other show highlights are the crowd pleasing ‘Lyla’ and ‘Songbird’, plus a thumping ‘Supersonic’. ‘Waiting For The Rapture’ off the new album was another gem. Seeing the great Noel Gallagher live is always a moment to be treasured, especially when he plays ‘The Masterplan’, ‘Slide Away’ and an impromptu version of ‘Whatever’ (as an encore). Politeness is on display between songs and it is eery but great. By 8:30 PM show is over and I’m heading back to Sapporo, reflecting on a great show, from the last ‘real’ rock n roll band left alive.

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