The magic of the JR Rail Pass

1 Apr

Value for money, easy to use – what else can be said about the JR Rail Pass ?! By far the best thing for me is that I don’t have to bother with queing up at ticket machines for tickets ! Once you’ve validated your pass (you’ll require your passport, the actual JR ticket pass which you would’ve been issued with, and a completed info sheet) – you are set. All you need to do is show the validated pass to the JR officer located to the side of the entry turnstiles to be waved through. This system is superb for some of the busier Tokyo stations during peak hour ! I’ve only ever purchased 7-Day passes and always try to get maximum value from them ie heading up north to Hokkaido. I’ve already posted that Japan has the best Rail system in the world – and language is not usually an issue – so rest easy when you travel here as there are English signs and commentary on most bullet trains and local trains. Here’s a tip: If you arrive into Narita Airport late – why not stay locally utilising the hotel’s shuttle bus to get to the hotel – then head back to the airport the next day to validate your pass ? Most local hotels have courtesy buses which run regularly to and from Terminals 1 and Terminal 2 of Narita Airport and have designated bus stops right outside the airport (signs in English). Take note that many of the Narita Hotels are kinda remote ie not much around by way of shops and convenience stores – so if you don’t wish to eat jidohanbaiki cup noodles for dinner, then you may wish to purchase some onigiri or similar at Narita Airport before you exit.


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