Taco yaki

3 Apr

One of my all time favourite Japanese meals. Taco (Octopus) yaki (fried) is fried octups balls. They are comprised of a batter containing octopus pieces, and usually cabbage, carrot and ginger. This batter is cooked lightning fast on an iron plate containing circular holes and are flicked over using a sharp skewer or similar (this is in itself an artform and I’ve watched in amazement at how precise and fast the chef can perform this). They are served with mayonaise and are sensational. If you’ve never tasted taco yaki and are in Japan for the first time, make an effort to try and taste this amazing meal – your tastebuds will thank you for it. The image below is from a Taco Yaki vendor in Nagoya – only 330yen for half a dozen. Itadakimasu !


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