Bicycles in Japan

8 Apr

Sea of cycles at Nagoya eki


Japan, like most Asian countries thrives on the bicycle as a means of transport. A large part of the population use the two-wheel method to get to and from the train station, to school or the office, or to buy groceries. Personally, I fell into the first category and would race to the station, park the bike (not always locking it – I paid the price for that eventually when it was swiped) – then sprint for the fast approaching train. If you ever want to witness a unique spectacle, take a look at the parked bicycles at some of the bigger train stations in Japan. There is a sea of bicycles which seems to go on forever and ever – some have been parked for an eternity – a tangled web of spokes, forks, chrome and rubber. Many of the standard replacement parts can be found at your local 100 yen shop as well – those plastic seat covers are damn handy during the typhoon season let me tell ya. For you budding students, the nihongo no tango is ‘jitensha’. The accompanying photo was taken at Nagoya Station.

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