New chocolate bars – Ramune Kit Kats

6 Jul

Japan is a fine producer of tasty chocolate


Hey guess what ! I discovered two new chocolate bars on sale ! In a previous post I had spoken about Ramune, but now, in a bright blue packet, the makers of Kit Kat have produced a Ramune flavoured product. There are also coffee flavoured kit kats, and melon to name but a few, but Ramune ?! The verdict ? Pretty darn good, and something unique to pick up for relatives on your Japan vacation. Also worthy of a mention is a lemon flavoured chocolate new on the market – produced by Meiji. I am a sucker for citrus chocolates and this one is top class – not gonna match the grapefruit chocolate I ate in New Zealand 25 odd years back, but what would !

One Response to “New chocolate bars – Ramune Kit Kats”

  1. Mark 2011/07/08 at 3:02 pm #

    OMG!!! I am searching frantically for the grapefruit chocolate that you could get in New Zealand 25 odd years ago!!! Surely somewhere in the world has something that gets close?? If anyone knows please let me know!!! I have an enormous grapefruit itch that needs to be scratched!!!

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