Airs Rock Video Bootleg Store: Tokyo Japan

4 Mar

Airs Rock Video store in Shinjuku in something of an institution. When I first visited the store in the late 90’s I could not believe how cool it was. Airs Rock, and many other stores like it were in the same vicinity and stocked live concert bootlegs. Back then it was VHS tapes and CD’s. All artists were available but the majority were rock. They used to have TV’s with VCR’s and head-phones set-up and I would spend hours happily watching rare live concerts from some of my favourite bands.

DVD’s ultimately replaced the VHS tape, but the theme of the shop and its competitors remained the same. Bootlegs baby ! Most major rock artists who toured Tokyo visited the store and happily obliged for photos and autographs. Many of them adorn the walls and it’s quite an impressive collection. Recently i went in search for the Shinjuku based store only to find it had moved, and to much smaller premises as well. They still have about four floors worth discovering. But it;s a sign of the times folks and with the rampant downloading of music showing o signs of being halted (and the popularity of youtube), I fear the Airs Rock Videos store’s days are numbered. They are still an amazing store and a place you should check out when you visit Tokyo. Take the West exit at Shunjuku station and turn right.  You will come to a major intersection (shinjukuogado dori) bit keep walking straight ahead. It’s on the left hand side of the road, about seven minutes walk from that busy intersection. When you start to see other CD and Record stores you know you’re in the right area. Check some additional youtube footage here.


2 Responses to “Airs Rock Video Bootleg Store: Tokyo Japan”

  1. Neil McNab 2016/07/24 at 8:21 pm #

    How tragic that a store which paid next to nothing to acquire its stock has now been undone by the Youtube generation who want to pay absolutely nothing for their material.


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