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Newspaper Vending Machine

8 Jun

I am always ready to snap unusual or out of the ordinary vending machines, and recently saw a newspaper unit, sitting all alone outside a store ! I think that this machine was located outside the office of the actual media outlet, which would make sense, but machines of this type are often found at large train stations around Tokyo and in big cities around Japan


How to use the Dydo (Club Dydo) points vending machine in Japan

8 Jun

Some years back I wrote a post about vending machines in Japan. Some of the vending machines, such as those produced by the Dydo Company, have a points system in place. Club Dydo enables you to accrue points and obtain gifts when you reach the required amount. When this system started out it seemed it would take a lifetime to redeem a gift, but in recent times, as little as 50 points can see you claim a gift. The point cards are obtained from the vending machines themselves, and each purchase earns you 1 point. Not all Dydo vending machines are point card enabled, so bear that in mind. If you are a caffeine addict like me, and you regularly hit the vending machines, you may as well build up your points and earn yourself a gift, right ? Video of the points card system is below…