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Mandarin and Orange Mentos

15 Feb

ImageAs a lover of all things citrus-fruit flavoured, I immediately snatched these when I spotted them on the supermarket shelves. The taste ? Great. Chewy mandarin. Wash this down with a mandarin juice I also buy, and you are in citrus heaven.


Hot corn soup drink

31 Jul

Not exactly something you might wish to read about during the sweltering Japanese summer, but, in the winter months – some vending machines are stocked with some warm and tasty treats. The folks at Pokka produce a hot corn soup-drink which is good once in a while. Very sweet, and nice on a freezing winter’s evening.

Fruit Punch Fanta Hits Japan’s supermarket shelves

22 Jul

fruity Fanta fix ?

Released for a limited time here in Japan – and just in time to deal with the sweltering summer heat, is fruit punch Fanta ! If you are a fan of the sugary citrus flavored sodas, this is one item worth searching for if you visit Japan.

Touch Screen Vending Machine

20 Jul

 These have been in Japan for a couple of years, but they always amaze me. Touch Screen Drink Vending Machines ! They are usually located at the bigger JR Stations (this one is at Tokyo Station) and are simple and easy to use. There is a camera located on the top of the machine, which detects your age and gender and will then offer you a drink suggestion.    Pretty cool huh !

Shaped Watermelon

20 Jul

ImageTo save on fridge space, some years back Japan introduced the square shaped watermelon. Since then you can find pyramid and even heart-shaped melons. This window display was taken at Yokohama Station.

How to use the Dydo (Club Dydo) points vending machine in Japan

8 Jun

Some years back I wrote a post about vending machines in Japan. Some of the vending machines, such as those produced by the Dydo Company, have a points system in place. Club Dydo enables you to accrue points and obtain gifts when you reach the required amount. When this system started out it seemed it would take a lifetime to redeem a gift, but in recent times, as little as 50 points can see you claim a gift. The point cards are obtained from the vending machines themselves, and each purchase earns you 1 point. Not all Dydo vending machines are point card enabled, so bear that in mind. If you are a caffeine addict like me, and you regularly hit the vending machines, you may as well build up your points and earn yourself a gift, right ? Video of the points card system is below…

Sangaria Children’s Beer

18 Mar

So you wanna be just like Dad, or your hard-working Uncle Makoto ? You see him (often already half cut) after a hard day at the office, sit down and have a nice cold beer poured for him ! (Rush’s ‘Working Man’ tune springs to mind here but this is not a rock blog!). Well, the people at Sangaria ensure you now can. This oddity can also be found in ¥100 stores here in Japan and is kinda like ginger beer, though not as tasty. If you pour it quick enough, you can even give your ‘beer’ a decent head ! Kampai !