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Supermarket Sushi

23 Dec

Supermarket sushi ! いただきます !

Visitors to Japan should note that many items are quite inexpensive. Let’s look at sushi for example. Compared to other countries where the cost of sushi is overpriced, Japan is surprisingly cheap. If you are hungry or wish to entertain friends, affordable sushi can be found at supermarkets all over the country.¥500 or $4.50 US is great value in my opinion, for an assortment of great tasting sushi. So remember to head for the local Japanese supermarket when you visit Japan – good value sushi awaits you !


Lifegaurd Soft Candy

23 Dec

I have previously blogged about Lifeguard energy drinks. Yes your dentist will advise you against the sugary stuff, but often, when you need a hit it’s the choice for me in Japan. Did you know there is a Soft Candy release of Lifegaurd ? I dig ths a lot – tastes good, and I guess you could chase it down with the soda after you finish the candy. You’ll be zinging your way in to your next english class ! The 100 yen stores often sell em at 2 for 100 yen. Go for it!

Mandarin and Orange Mentos

15 Feb

ImageAs a lover of all things citrus-fruit flavoured, I immediately snatched these when I spotted them on the supermarket shelves. The taste ? Great. Chewy mandarin. Wash this down with a mandarin juice I also buy, and you are in citrus heaven.

Hot corn soup drink

31 Jul

Not exactly something you might wish to read about during the sweltering Japanese summer, but, in the winter months – some vending machines are stocked with some warm and tasty treats. The folks at Pokka produce a hot corn soup-drink which is good once in a while. Very sweet, and nice on a freezing winter’s evening.

Fruit Punch Fanta Hits Japan’s supermarket shelves

22 Jul

fruity Fanta fix ?

Released for a limited time here in Japan – and just in time to deal with the sweltering summer heat, is fruit punch Fanta ! If you are a fan of the sugary citrus flavored sodas, this is one item worth searching for if you visit Japan.

Touch Screen Vending Machine

20 Jul

 These have been in Japan for a couple of years, but they always amaze me. Touch Screen Drink Vending Machines ! They are usually located at the bigger JR Stations (this one is at Tokyo Station) and are simple and easy to use. There is a camera located on the top of the machine, which detects your age and gender and will then offer you a drink suggestion.    Pretty cool huh !

Shaped Watermelon

20 Jul

ImageTo save on fridge space, some years back Japan introduced the square shaped watermelon. Since then you can find pyramid and even heart-shaped melons. This window display was taken at Yokohama Station.