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Mount Fuji – Fuji-san (富士山) on a cold February day

25 Feb

mount fuji


Large Tortoise Wood Carving

18 Feb

ImageI stumbled upon this amazing piece of wood craft whilst exiting an onsen in the Kofu region. The detail on this artwork was astounding. The man hours and incredible focus on detail was something to behold. I have posted a large resolution image so you can see the detail…such as the baby tortoises climbing all over their mother. I did not see one person stop to appreciate such wonderful craft….there is so much of it in Japan, maybe people become a little blase about such things. Shame. Look out for this kind of talent when you visit here.

Large construction crane

18 Mar

Was walking past a construction site recently and saw this amazing looking, large crane. My image does not really give you the full appreciation of how wide this machine actually was, but take my word for it, it was a large crane. Adding ‘Transformers’ as a ‘tag’ to this post would not be out of place.

Casey Stoner – Honda RC212V – Japan MotoGP 2011

8 Feb

I took this great shot of Casey’s RC212V at the Japan MotoGP, at Motegi back in October of last year. Amazing bike. Amazing rider.


There is some video footage as well on the Japanavision TV Channel

Birds of the Gunma Region – Japan

8 Feb

I like birds. Japan has an amazing variety too. I spied this identification poster whilst at a Highway Stop recently in Gunma. I could think of worse ways to spend my time than searching for some of these birds in this clean and crisp region of Japan.

Tokyo’s Panda Bus

8 Feb

The ‘panda’ bus, is a free shuttle service which whizzes around the streets of busy Ueno (including a stop at the Ueno Zoo). Looks a little racoon-like, but I have been told otherwise. As with all things ‘cute’ in Japan, the girl panda bus, even has a pretty red hair ribbon on the roof and long eye lashes to boot !

Anyone want a Fish Foot Massage ?

8 Feb

I made myself a new years resolution to add more posts to this blog, and alas, have not got off to a great start for this year.
Let’s try and rectify that ! This photograph, taken in a back street of seedy Kabiki-cho, was taken outside a Fish Foot Massage   business. This type of service is known in different parts of the world, and not just in Japan, but it is a curio nonetheless.
1000 yen, to have a squadron of little fish eat away happily, the dead skin on your feet for 15 minutes ?! That is a bargain in anyone’s language ! Make sure the owners though, never mix the piranha tank with the guppies !