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Anyone want a Fish Foot Massage ?

8 Feb

I made myself a new years resolution to add more posts to this blog, and alas, have not got off to a great start for this year.
Let’s try and rectify that ! This photograph, taken in a back street of seedy Kabiki-cho, was taken outside a Fish Foot Massage   business. This type of service is known in different parts of the world, and not just in Japan, but it is a curio nonetheless.
1000 yen, to have a squadron of little fish eat away happily, the dead skin on your feet for 15 minutes ?! That is a bargain in anyone’s language ! Make sure the owners though, never mix the piranha tank with the guppies !


Capsule Hotel – First Inn Kyobashi

30 Mar

This capsule hotel is on the older side, but was for the most part, relatively clean and at 2600 yen, quite cheap considering it is only a 10 minute walk from the bustling Tokyo Station. Locating it via their website directions was impossible if you cannot read japanese. So, via the subway take the Ginza Line and exit at Kyobashi Station – Exit 6. When you exit, you’ll see a Miyazaki Bank (blue building) opposite. The capsule hotel is very near here. Turn left as if you are facing the bank, and walk towards the Resona Bank a few metres away. The Resona Bank is on the corner of an alleyway – the Hotel is located in this street – around 50 metres further down on the left. It is surrounded by many vending machines so you cannot miss it. From Tokyo Station is it about a 10 minute walk – take the Yaesu South exit (you’ll see many Highway Buses) – and keep heading straight down this very busy road. You will see a giraffe statue at the crossing of Chuo-dori and Yaesu-dori – turn right here until you find the Kyobashi Station exit. Follow instructions as above.
Check in was after 6PM – the staff spoke little english, so it’s a good time to practice your phrases. Lockers were located adjacent the capsule and the bath and showers were on separate levels. The facilities within the capsule (ie alarm clock) were somewhat dated, but you are only there to rest and sleep – and if you have an early shinkansen to get the next day, this place is ideal.