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Fishing Tackle Vending Machine

9 Feb

Spied this in Shin-kiba, aka lumber (timber) town last summer. The first time I have seen a vending machine aimed at the angler ! C’mon, let’s get a line in the water !


(warm) Waiting Rooms at Japanese train station platforms

8 Feb

I’ve sat in these rooms so many times – and on a cold and windy winter’s day or night, they are your best friend !
They are found at some of the larger JR train stations, usually on the platform. Clean, air tight, smoke-free and on a freezing, icy day in winter, the only place to be. When the sun shines through they heat up nicely and it’s a good place to nod off if your are sleepy !

The Al Pacino Pachinko Parlour

8 Feb

I spied this oddity whilst driving on the highway to Gunma. I am lucky this shot came out as well as it did. I wonder if the legendary actor knows there is pachinko/slot machine establishment in Japan – named in his honor !

Tokyo’s Panda Bus

8 Feb

The ‘panda’ bus, is a free shuttle service which whizzes around the streets of busy Ueno (including a stop at the Ueno Zoo). Looks a little racoon-like, but I have been told otherwise. As with all things ‘cute’ in Japan, the girl panda bus, even has a pretty red hair ribbon on the roof and long eye lashes to boot !

Anyone want a Fish Foot Massage ?

8 Feb

I made myself a new years resolution to add more posts to this blog, and alas, have not got off to a great start for this year.
Let’s try and rectify that ! This photograph, taken in a back street of seedy Kabiki-cho, was taken outside a Fish Foot Massage   business. This type of service is known in different parts of the world, and not just in Japan, but it is a curio nonetheless.
1000 yen, to have a squadron of little fish eat away happily, the dead skin on your feet for 15 minutes ?! That is a bargain in anyone’s language ! Make sure the owners though, never mix the piranha tank with the guppies !

Kaonashi Character Spotted in Ibaraki !

10 Feb

Imagine my horror whilst driving along a dimly lit road one night last week, and caught in the headlights was…mr No Face, aka Kaonashi, the mysterious man from the Spirited Away film ! In broad daylight I decided to go check it out and lo and behold some clever kid has painted the image on a large rock. Cool huh !

Giant Chickens Invade Japan ?!

31 Jan

Whilst driving along a local road in the village of Yamato, I spied a huge white chicken egg sitting on a hill in the distance. I figured that my eyes were playing up, or was wondering if I was beginning to suffer the first strains of the dreaded bird flu ? Nope, the giant white egg was in fact real. Well in a sense. Many local artists are currently displaying their works of art around this region, and this piece is just one of them. Yikes, it’s cracked ! Back in the car fast me thinks ! If you’re game, Yamato is located in Sakuragawa, Ibaraki Prefecture.