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Vanilla Cola Cherry soda

8 Jan

If you dig sugary sweet fizzy soda, this is one for you. Vanilla and cola I like, but the cherry flavour in this tends to overshadow these. But overall, it’s a sweet sweet combination – gauranteed to give you a sugar kick and fast.


Withdrawing cash in Japan from a Seven Bank 7-11 ATM

8 Jan

This is one helpful piece of advice I wished I’d known about before I first travelled to Japan. Getting your hands on cash, via your credit card is now quite a simple process.Most retailers accept foreign credit cards – some require your signature, whilst others requite your associated pin number. Most 7-11 convenience stores have an ATM located within their store (Seven Bank) which has an English feature. The process is very simple and a great way to obtain Japanese yen. Further info is available here:

Japan Post also have ATM’s with an English feature and is another method in which you can obtain cash. Further info is available here:

Take note that there will likely be fees incurred if drawing from an overseas account.

Dekavita – genki drink – Japan

30 Dec

The choice of genki drinks in Japan is wide and varied. I’ve always enjoyed the sweet taste of Dekivita. It’s a vitamin C drink and gives you a quick kick. Commonly available in small 120ml bottles in vending machines across the country, you can also find a can variety as well. Made by Otsuka –

Japanese motorcycle police toy

29 Dec

As is widely known, no one produces cooler toys than Japan. Found this cool looking police motorycle in a toy store recently and thought it worth sharing. Oh and if you’re interested, motorcycle cops ride Honda’s in Japan.

Pink taxi cab -Fukuoka Japan

29 Dec

Futaba Taxis have a cool looking pink taxi which caught my eye recently at Fukuoka station. Have never seen a pink taxi anywhere in the world – until now!

Ordering gyudon in Japan (Matsuya)

25 Dec

There is now an english feature available at the ticket machine, usually located at the entrance of each Matsuya restaurant. At ¥ 390 for a large bowl of gyudon (beef with rice) – plus miso soup – you cannot go wrong ! Make a note for when you visit Japan !

Kirin Mets Cola – Japan

25 Dec

Some time back I  blogged about Mets grapefruit drink and what a great tasting soda it is. Some time back, the good folks at Kirin released Mets Cola – and being a fan of all things fizzy, I gave it a try. It’s zero calories so obviously no sugar buzz, but on a sweltering summer’s day in Japan – good stuff !! Go for it !


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