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Meeting Japan’s Crown Prince and Crown Princess – Australia 2003

31 Jul

ImageMeeting Crown Prince Naruhito Crown Princess Masako during a visit to the Australian capital in 2003


Narita to Sydney – A Foggy Memory きり

25 Jul
round and around we go

round and around we go

Some plane trips are hell….and when the fog hovers over Sydney’s Kingsford Smith International, your quick overnight flight from Tokyo can be a nightmare. Fog in Canberra ? Sure. Hobart ? Yep. But Sydney ? It does happen occasionally. Recently, heavy fog meant all international flights were diverted to either Brisbane or Melbourne. After landing at Brisbane, we ended up looping the air at around 38ooo feet to allow for the congestion at Sydney airport to subside. The airport, when hit by fog – is chaotic. You will face long wait times for baggage, customs clearance and no doubt miss your domestic connection, should you have one. Something to ponder which you may never would when you see the ‘Sydney draped in sunshine’ tourist imagery. Fog – kiri きり

Newspaper Vending Machine

8 Jun

I am always ready to snap unusual or out of the ordinary vending machines, and recently saw a newspaper unit, sitting all alone outside a store ! I think that this machine was located outside the office of the actual media outlet, which would make sense, but machines of this type are often found at large train stations around Tokyo and in big cities around Japan

‘Surly’ mountain bike – bicyle

18 Mar

mean and very surly!

I saw this ass-kicking Surly bike on a Shinjuku street recently and it took my attention ! Just compare it to the regular style bicycle at right ! Surly and very very mean !! I have no doubt that if they could talk, that the  gold-colored bike would be shaking with fear ! The size of the tyres on the Surly are even similar to some motorcycle 125’s but even so, I wouldn’t want to get a puncture.  Good to see they are iporting these things into Japan !

The typhoon season in Japan

14 Feb

Late summer – September sees Japan usually hit with destructive typhoons. Flimsy umbrellas are usually futile in holding back the torrential force of wind and rain. Part of japanese life, and often with deadly consequences.

The Golden Arches – literally

14 Feb

I have seen a few of these uniquely designed McDonalds Restaurants around Japan, but never photographed one. This shot was taken from the car, but you can see that the Golden Arches design is central to the building’s design. I quite like it. Has a 60’s feel to it….

The Casey Stoner Garage – Japan MotoGP

14 Feb

This is a great shot of the Stoner crew going about their business the evening before race day. Shot at around 5:30PM on Saturday 1st October 2011. Parts a plenty ! Dovizioso’s crew can be seen at right