Random Japanese Motorcycle Pic – Big Ruckus – PS250

13 Feb

No prizes for style, the Honda PS250 – known outside Japan as The Big Ruckus, was produced from 2004 til 2007. These lank-like 250’s are sure to give you right of way on the footpaths around Shibuya ! I spotted this beast today in the Chiba area. Nice !


Meeting Japan’s Crown Prince and Crown Princess – Australia 2003

31 Jul

ImageMeeting Crown Prince Naruhito Crown Princess Masako during a visit to the Australian capital in 2003

Hot corn soup drink

31 Jul

Not exactly something you might wish to read about during the sweltering Japanese summer, but, in the winter months – some vending machines are stocked with some warm and tasty treats. The folks at Pokka produce a hot corn soup-drink which is good once in a while. Very sweet, and nice on a freezing winter’s evening.

Random Japanese Motorcycle Pic – Honda CBR 250R

30 Jul

saw this 2011 250R at a local AEON mall and really liked it. What a smart looking bike to learn on ! Honda colours too, and quite quick. Nice

Cafe Tobacco – Tokyo’s Smoker Friendly Cafes

26 Jul
rather pointless having smoke alarms in this place

rather pointless having smoke alarms in this place

Smoking is being increasingly more difficult in Japan, especially in the bigger cities. Many disgruntled smokers, feeling shunned at the number of places where they can now puff, can always find the welcome mat out at Cafe Tobacco.  Someone always comes up with a unique business opportunity, as unpopular as this one may be with many anti-smokers. Did you know that some areas in Tokyo have outlawed public smoking with on Several districts in the Japanese capital have banned smoking in public places with on-the-spot fines dealt out. Although there are strong fans in this place, I doubt they’d do any good. and you’d never get be in there. Actually there are some Izakaya’s and local ramen restaurants I’ve dined at which would be as awful as this slow death trap. I can only hope that the staff are smokers, because no well paying wage would be worth working in this cancerous cave would it. Another ‘only in Japan’ post ! This image is shot from the platform at Kanda Station

Random Japanese Motorcycle Pic – Honda NSR 250R

26 Jul

This smart looking 250 was released to the Japanese market around 1986/7 and still is a very eye catching bike. Pretty quick, with smart looking blue/white striping, it was great to see one of these on a Kanda street. Further info on this series can be found here

Random Japanese Motorcycle Pic – Honda CB750

26 Jul

Spotted this trusty old CB750 in the Kannai region of Yokohama recently. Could’ve used a service and a polish, but as a fan of the CB models, thought I would snap it !