Japanese christmas cakes

25 Dec

The cake decorations which you will find during the festive season are amazing. Attention to detail and amazing skills ensure your christmas cake will be a memorable one. Fujiya Cake stores can be found all over Japan and are just one place you should visit at Christmas time. 


Making mochi in Japan

25 Dec


White Strawberries of Japan

24 Dec


Random Japanese Motorcycle Pic – Yamaha SR400

24 Dec


Spotted this smart looking SR400 on the street and it quickly caught my eye. From memory these particular models were released between 2002 and 2005 and are a stylish motorcycle. They are still released under the Sports Heritage/retro tag if you wanna obtain one.

Giant crab on building

24 Dec

Located on the side of a building – this mechanical giant kani kani is situated outside a crab restaurant in Fukuoka named Sapporo Kanihonke. http://www.kani-honke.jp/en/restaurant/fukuoka-nanokawa/

Sushi Train Racing Car

24 Dec

Be sure to visit Genki Sushi when you are next in Japan – your food is delivered fast, direct to your table via a shinkansen or racing car ! http://www.genkisushi.co.jp/en/

Supermarket Sushi

23 Dec

Supermarket sushi ! いただきます !

Visitors to Japan should note that many items are quite inexpensive. Let’s look at sushi for example. Compared to other countries where the cost of sushi is overpriced, Japan is surprisingly cheap. If you are hungry or wish to entertain friends, affordable sushi can be found at supermarkets all over the country.¥500 or $4.50 US is great value in my opinion, for an assortment of great tasting sushi. So remember to head for the local Japanese supermarket when you visit Japan – good value sushi awaits you !