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Random Japanese Motorcycle Pic – Big Ruckus – PS250

13 Feb

No prizes for style, the Honda PS250 – known outside Japan as The Big Ruckus, was produced from 2004 til 2007. These lank-like 250’s are sure to give you right of way on the footpaths around Shibuya ! I spotted this beast today in the Chiba area. Nice !


Random Japanese Motorcycle Pic – Honda CBR 250R

30 Jul

saw this 2011 250R at a local AEON mall and really liked it. What a smart looking bike to learn on ! Honda colours too, and quite quick. Nice

Random Japanese Motorcycle Pic – Honda NSR 250R

26 Jul

This smart looking 250 was released to the Japanese market around 1986/7 and still is a very eye catching bike. Pretty quick, with smart looking blue/white striping, it was great to see one of these on a Kanda street. Further info on this series can be found here

Random Japanese Motorcycle Pic – Honda CB750

26 Jul

Spotted this trusty old CB750 in the Kannai region of Yokohama recently. Could’ve used a service and a polish, but as a fan of the CB models, thought I would snap it !

The Honda Motocompo

8 Feb

This mini folding scooter, produced by Honda and called the Motocompo, (the Free Road model) would never win any design awards. Not in my book ! and I doubt it would win any races either – even with pedestrians ! I am reliably informed that it does hit relatively good speeds (speedo goes to 5o km/h!) and is very economical ! I’d like to have a look at the ‘engine’, but you will note that it is a kick start. Amazing !

Motorcycle Accessory Stores in Japan

22 Jul
If you dig motorcycles, there are a couple of ‘super stores’ well worth checking out. The Red Baron stores are great, so too the Bike Seven stores. Their slogan says ‘Riders Dream Shop’, which indeed it is ! There is so much on display in these stores it is mind boggling. Jackets, boots, gloves, helmets, magazines a zillion accessories and so much else ! There is even a section of the store dedicated to girl riders ! How cool is that ! The image above is taken from the Tsuchiura store but locations can be found on their sites…Check out the awesome looking trike which was on display outside the store !